Benefit of Low-Voltage

  • Taking your house power of 120v down to a 12v system for your landscape lighting provides a few key benefits for the homeowner.  
  • Lower Energy costs, as each fixture will pull less power.
  • Decrease chance for injury if a slice in the wire were to occur

Benefit of an LED Lighting System

Utilizing LED bulbs for landscape lighting systems is the future of outdoor lighting, and here are the reasons why:

  • High Efficiency: up to about 85% less energy, sometimes more.  Utilizing LED rather than incandescent bulbs will conserve energy. 
  • Enhanced Lighting Effect: Better illumination and ability to control light spread
  • Longer Bulb Life: Most LED bulbs have 50,000 hours or a 5-year warranty (up to 15 years).  Whereas most incandescent bulbs have 5,000 hours.  
  • Savings: Over time, the energy savings will pay for the upfront investment.  


  • Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting provides a full 1 year warranty on all workmanship defects.  If a fixture needs adjusted or a bulb burns out, we’ll promptly take care of it.  After the first year, you can extend the peace of mind with our on-going maintenance program.  
  • Depending on the fixtures chosen for your Landscape Lighting System – the warranty on each fixtures range from 6-15 years.